Porpoising penguin by David Tipling

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Porpoising penguin
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Porpoising penguin
David Tipling
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Open edition
Natural History Museum - Wildlife Photographer of the Year
© PORPOISING PENGUIN ©David Tipling (UK) 2010


'It was a particularly dull day for a sail. The sea became choppy, so I went below deck. But in Antarctica, the weather can change quickly. Ten minutes later, the sea was smooth as a mirror. I ran back up, in time to see this Adélie penguin leaping across the bow. I managed one good frame before the penguin disappeared and a breeze ruffled the water.' There are five species of penguin in Antarctica: emperor, king, chinstrap, Adélie and macaroni. Adélies are the smallest and spend most of the winter offshore feeding. They often lay two eggs, vulnerable to birds such as skuas, but usually only one survives. Once hatched, their chicks are the fastest-growing species of any penguin.

The Artist: David Tipling

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