Product range updates

Some little improvements to our product range...

We're reducing our manufacturing times across all products, and our delivery is now cheaper, faster and greener for our international customers.

(Plus our free shipping offer for orders over £75 now extends to customers in the US & EU!)

We're also expanding our size range, and changing how we format some images. Read below for all the details!

Magnolia Box fine art print

More border options

On our rolled prints and cards, we're giving you more control over how the image is printed with three border choices.

No border
The image is printed right to the edge of the paper ("full-bleed"). Depending on the shape of the original artwork, this may result in some cropping.

Border (full artwork)
The entire original artwork is reproduced uncropped, which usually results in a different border width top/bottom vs left/right.

Fixed border
A consistent-width border on each side, approximately 7% of the overall paper size. Depending on the shape of the original artwork, this may result in some cropping.

Square framed art print

Wider range of sizes

We’ve introduced new sizes which cover a greater range of aspect ratios, including a new square format for our prints, frames and canvases.

This ensures less cropping of the original artwork on frames and canvases, as we select the best-fitting size for each image. For example, we have many square (and square-ish) artworks in our collection, and it made sense for us to accommodate these specifically.

Prices are identical to across XS/S/M/L/XL sizes whether landscape, portrait or square.

Magnolia Box postcards

And better cards too

We’re printing our greetings cards and postcards right to the edge. Being smaller items, once we’d added borders sometimes the artwork ended up being really small, so now the image covers the whole of the front of the card.

They've also had a bit of an upgrade to a heavier 324gsm Mohawk paper, and come in standard 6 x 4" and 7 x 5" sizes. Order as a single card or as a pack of 10 or 20.

Our packaging

More free shipping

We're expanding our existing UK free delivery for orders over £75: it's now available to our international customers in the EU and the USA too!

Faster production

Faster manufacturing times

We still make every single individual item to order, but our new product range means that we’re able to do this much more quickly. We've reduced production time by at least 24h on all products.

And if you’re in the EU or the US, you will also see shorter delivery times (and fewer customs charges).

Because of our move to consistent sizing across the store, this does mean we have to crop the extremities of some images so that they fit onto canvases or cards. Although we try to crop appropriately, we have a huge catalogue of images on Magnolia Box, and it’s impossible for us to check the reproduction of every image.

In the case of framed prints, we are able to supply without a mount with a border included on the paper (similar to the border options on our rolled prints), meaning the artwork can reproduced uncropped if desired. Please contact us if you do not see this option for a particular artwork.

If you have any comments or observations on any image you see on the store, or any other feedback regarding our updated product range, we'd love to hear from you at

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